Foreman Description:
A foreman must perform superbly as a finisher, judge, and planner of pour day workability with minimum supervision. You must be motivational and know the processes required for concrete tear out, set up, and pour to all, for a quick job well done.
Qualification Requirements:
  • Experience: 10 + years
  • Expertise in finishing and set up
  • Must be kind yet stern to someone working under you
  • Must be willing to work twice as hard AND twice as smart
  • Other related expertise is a plus

Finisher Description:
Finishers are primarily responsible for ensuring that operations on pour day lead to a high quality product with the proper position and finish for the job. You must know how to use finish tools and be able to prioritize pour-day tasks.
Qualification Requirements:
  • Experience: 5 + years
  • Proficient in form layout/set up
  • Other related expertise is a plus

Laborer Description:
Laborers are the backbone of the construction industry. You must be able to work in harsh conditions (i.e. 110 degree heat) while simultaneously following directions to a T with astute optimism. You must be able to learn and think on your feet. The job site is like the playing field; the more forethought and preparedness you put into it before you arrive, the better your performance and efficiency will be when you are there.
Qualification Requirements:
  • Experience: 1 + years
  • Able to lift 50+ lbs
  • Desire for advancement and ability to learn the trade
  • Other related expertise is a plus

Intern Description:
An intern relies more on discipline than experience. If you are optimistic about learning, are very organized, and never give up at something until the craft is perfected, then you may have a shot at this position.
Qualification Requirements:
  • Experience: varies
  • Education: At least two years of college in a technical degree (i.e. Construction Management, Engineering, etc.)
  • Must bring an organized binder and planner to work
  • Experience in construction takeoffs, web design, planning and scheduling is a plus
  • Must be willing to work as a laborer as needed
  • Must be willing to work twice as hard and twice as fast
  • Other related experience is a plus

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